Patio Cruiser Houseboats

Considered the Premier quality houseboat builder in the western United States, Patio Cruisers have been built in Butte County since 1968. We truly are a custom builder that can meet the design and construction needs of our clients. We specialize in the Western market to assure top quality service for our customers.  We strive to deliver nothing but an exceptional houseboat, at the best value, built with the finest quality that any houseboat can have.  

Design Services:  Meeting the buyer's needs

Choose from one of our standard sizes and floorplans, or we will help you design and craft the boat of your dreams. Our in-house design team provides the opportunity to get as creative as you'd like with both interior floor plans and appointments, and exterior appearance... from mild to wild! We do not charge for custom design time. It often costs no more to buy a size and floor plan of your design than it does for a stock model! That is why Patio Cruiser Houseboats is a true Custom Houseboat Builder.

Construction:  Low Maintenance! Patio Cruiser IS the BEST of the BEST!

The pontoons and superstructure are built of heavy-duty aluminum to provide a lightweight yet durable product that will provide years of very low maintenance. All components are name brand and of top quality.

Repairs and Remodels: Experience matters.  

Our experienced and talented team also takes pride in the repair and remodels brought to our shop.  Perhaps you need new pontoons?  No one makes them like Patio Cruiser.  The lightweight heavy-duty aluminum is durable and low maintenance.  Need new flooring?  Interior finishes? Exterior finishes?  Doors? Windows?  Engine work?  You name it -we can help.